Intuition Camp


Develop your intuition–
and bring out the “woo-woo woman” in you!

sign - camp WooDo you ever wonder if YOU are psychic?

Many of my clients do. In fact, one of the questions I am asked most often is, “How did you know you were psychic?” And this isn’t just a question of curiosity. People want to know if they are psychic too, and they just don’t know it.

Well, guess what. You ARE psychic! At least, to some extent.

Psychic ability is like any talent, in that some people have more than others. But we all have some amount of intuition available to us and yes, you can develop yours to be stronger, better, and more beneficial in your life.

If you felt like you had a little angel on your shoulder, giving you advice each day, wouldn’t your life be better?

Develop your intuition now! (Information about enrollment is at the bottom of the page.)

full-length purple dropJoin me for five (5) private 45-minute phone sessions to increase your intuition and awareness. I will work with you to find your potential in using your intuition to the best and highest good for yourself and others. (Psychic College is the next step, if you want to go pro.) Read on for more information.

Sessions will be scheduled on the phone or by Skype once a week at your convenience.

This is your chance to start communicating with your guides and higher self so that your life is better!

  • Enjoy five (5) sessions of high-touch training and experience with your intuition–and mine.
  • Each session is 45 minutes to an hour long, on the phone or Skype with me personally.
  • Audio recording of each session is included, so you can review the program at any time.

Your Five Sessions with the Woo-Woo Master (that’s me!):

  • Session 1: Woo-Woo Women Are We – This introductory session will reveal your level of intuition, as well as your potential. You’ll start to let your Woo-Woo glow! In addition, you will receive the glossary “Woo-Woo Words” and my ebook, The Super-Easy Meditation Guide for People Who Can’t Meditate, as well as your first Tool of Divination for use in Session 2, a deck of angel/oracle cards of my choosing.
  • Session 2: Tools of Divination and How to Use Them – You will learn how to use angel/oracle cards, and will be sent the Mystic’s Melange, my personally-created deck of oracle cards, for use in Session 3. 
  • Session 3: How Do You Woo-Woo? – You will experience my own deck of cards (TO-MORROW Oracle Cards), as well as learn more about your individual abilities. Following this session, you will choose and acquire a Tool for use in Session 4 on your own.
  • Session 4: Tools of Divination, Part 2 – Using your self-chosen Tool, you and I will work toward your proficiency. In addition, we will work on ways for you to use your individual abilities, such as mediumship, channeling, and other methods.
  • Session 5: I Am Your Guinea Pig – You get to give me a reading! Don’t worry, I will hold your hand all the way, but only as much as you really need me to. And then we will review all you have learned and I will send you out in to the Big Wide World to seek your fortune! 
  • Please be aware that each session may be tweaked or changed fully, depending on your personal needs and abilities.

What is your investment?

Glad you asked! This program is very valuable to you and your future.

Along with my time, guidance, and expertise, your investment will cover all of this:

  • Five high-touch sessions with me by phone or Skype
  • Your own private conference call line for you to use later
  • Recordings of each session for your later use
  • Email Support – so important! Keep in touch with me in between sessions, sharing your “aha” moments with me and getting answers to any questions that occur to you.
  • A lifetime of using your intuition to improve and guide your experience
  • My ebook, The Super-Easy Meditation Guide for People Who Can’t Meditate
  • A deck of angel cards for you to keep and use as much as you like
  • My own specially-designed oracle card deck, Susan K. Morrow’s “Know * Feel * Be” Mystic’s Oracle Cards. (Click here for a preview or to get your deck now.)
  • Bonus #1: Get 50% off any reading you choose to get from me after you have completed your Intuition Camp. (This discount is transferable, should you choose to give it as a gift.)
  • Bonus #2: A signed copy of my book, Channel One: 137 Messages from the Universe, which you may choose to use for bibliomancy, one of the many lessons you will receive during Camp. (This is also transferable–just let me know who you want me to inscribe it to before I sign it!)
  • Bonus #3: A 15- to 20-minute follow-up call after three months, to check on your progress and answer any additional questions. 

For all of this, in only a month’s time, for your enlightenment and edification that will lead you to a better and easier life–if you simply apply what you learn–

your entire investment is only $987. 

That’s it. Less than a thousand dollars to get all of this information downloaded into your head and heart in such a way that you will always remember and be able to use it to your betterment.

Less than a thousand dollars to get all of that, plus all the goodies, tools, and bonuses.

Are you ready to become more Woo-Woo?

Sorry, there’s no “Add to Cart” button. This is a big moment.

Deciding to take on this class is… kinda big.

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Your next step to becoming more intuitive is to complete the contact form below. 


I will get back to you within one business day to schedule a phone/Skype conference. 

We will have a little chat about your woo-woo plans and dreams, and then we will set up your five-session schedule and get details taken care of. Naturally, I am happy to answer any questions at any point along the way. Invoices will be emailed to you privately.






Intuition Camp Contact Form

Love & Kisses,

The MoJo Medium,

Susan K. Morrow-Johnson


I decided to take this course because of a gut feeling… I had to study with Susan. It was not even a choice, so I did it and it was an incredible experience. It truly changed my life. I learned a lot about myself, my talents and I learned how to use these talents in service of others. Susan is all about sharing her insights and she gives herself completely to guide us on this road. It was the best investment I made and I found more than an inspiring teacher, I found a friend!

Frederic Michaud, Quebec, Canada

I was on the phone to Susan, gushing about how her ‘homework’ paid me back ten-fold, and how I never would have done it without her push! And I felt great! She is utterly indispensable.

L.W.H., Austin, Texas

“I had been searching for ’something’ when I participated in one of Susan’s teleclasses. Afterward, I was thrilled to be able to join her Camp. Things began to change during the course and continue to change for me. The way I respond to my world and the way the world respondes to me has changed, and I feel better-equipped and supported when dealing with issues that arise. Thank you, Susan, for helping me find my inner strength and power!

Teresa in Texas