Did you see my shirt change color? Is this magic???

Susan K. Morrow-Johnson, Your MoJo Medium, is proud to present:

The MoJo Meditation Academy


You will finally attain the Clarity and Calm and Concentration that you long for by meditating every day.


Did you know that only a few minutes of daily meditation (done well) will…?


~ improve your concentration

~ lower your blood pressure

~ make you better at decision-making

~ decrease anxiety

~ help you understand yourself and others

~ allow you to discover your strengths and gifts

~ and more


And with the MoJo Meditation Academy,

you’ll find it “Super-Easy”:


  • Start with my ebook, The Super-Easy Meditation Guide for People Who Can’t Meditate.

  • Then work through THREE (3) instructional videos, including a blissful guided meditation—I have a soothing voice. :o)

  • Enjoy Bonus Tip videos to strenghten your practice.

  • Re-visit those videos as often as you like to reinforce your commitment to your own Clarity and Calm.

  • Rinse and Repeat.

Included with your enrollment:


  • Bonus #1: Get my personal support when you join the online private Facebook group, the MoJo Meditation Academy Clubhouse. Come back every day for refreshers and extras, community and support.

  • Bonus #2: Download your own MoJo Meditation Blueprint to help you stay on track

  • Bonus #3: Just for fun – when you come to the Clubhouse, upload a photo of yourself meditating or just smiling, and I’ll make you your very own Academy badge. Download it to use for any purpose you like!

Yay! I know you are excited to learn

to get all peaceful and Zen

with some great meditation.

Once you work through this course,

all you have to do is


to the daily meditation

and you will improve your life! 

You’re going to love it!


MoJo Meditation Academy

in all its glory – only $99.


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