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Your RIPs. Your Future. Your Life.


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What is most important to you right now? Are you…

* Worried about your RIPs (late loved ones)?

* Wondering what will happen with your job?

* Concerned about your relationships?

* Constantly thinking about money or your health?

* Scared about the future?

These are the questions I help my clients with every day.

They leave our sessions feeling lighter, hopeful, and reassured.

Choose a 30-minute

or 60-minute reading

to your right.

Susan, I was totally blown away with my reading,

I truly have a new respect for you,

I’ve never had an opportunity to know anyone with as much of a gift as you

& I know a few,

I was totally surprised.

Thank you so much!!

Donna Guill, Texas

Not sure what to expect?

Want to get to know your psychic before getting a reading? Great! Let’s have a quick, scheduled get-to-know-you. “Buy Me Coffee” is not a reading, but, if you choose to get a reading after our visit, I’ll apply the $10 “cuppa” to your reading. 

Aqua circle background coffeeBuy Me Coffee. (This is not a reading). Just $10.

First time? Nervous? No idea what to expect?

I find that some folks are a little nervous about talking to a psychic, as if I might give them “bad news” or tell them something scary. (I won’t, btw.)

Buy Me Coffee, and get introduced to me and my mad methods! We’ll agree on a time to have a brief (5-10 minutes) phone call to visit and get to know each other.

Once you get to know me a little bit, if you choose to get a reading, I’ll apply the “coffee” to it. And if you choose not to, no worries–I’ll just thank you for supporting my severe Starbucks habit, and we can still be friends!

Click here to BUY ME COFFEE.

In a reading with me, you will experience:

  • Communication with your late loved ones (“RIPs”)
  • Predictions of what is to come in the Big Four – Work, Health, Love, and Money
  • Validation (or contradiction) of what you already know (or think you know)
  • Information to help you in all your relationships–with family, friends, and bosses, as well as love interests
  • Insight into what you WILL do, not what you SHOULD do (although, honestly, sometimes I tell you what you SHOULD do anyway, either because I can’t help it or because it will lead you to what you WILL do)
  • Angel cards thrown and interpreted by Yours Truly to confirm what we have talked about

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And here’s what you will NOT experience in a reading with me:

  • Bullshit
  • Religion or info about God or angels that is not useful to you
  • Vague answers, such as “Archangel Michael is with you in this situation”
  • Guilt or shame from your late loved ones–or me
  • Exposure of some deep, dark secret–or even shallow ones–that you don’t want to discuss
  • Threats of curses and demands for more money
  • Scary stuff








  • My psychic readings take place via telephone or Skype.
  • You are welcome to record the call and/or take as many notes as you like.
  • You will receive my notes, via email, as well.
  • The only preparation is for you to take a moment or two for a deep breath, and to find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted for the duration of the call.
  • Having a glass of water handy, along with a pen and paper is recommended.
  • You may prepare questions, if you like, and I will be happy to answer them. However, I am very good at looking at your energy and giving you what you need at that moment, without any questions from you. Overall, no pressure!
  • This is excellent insight into your life and your future and I will explain to you all the messages and information I receive for you. My hand-written customized notes are included.
  • For more information, please see my FAQs or contact me personally.